Dr. Volker Sandig

Dr. Volker Sandig is a physician and molecular biologist. He is one of the leading minds behind ProBioGens and has been working in vaccine design for over a decade.

Education and Background

Dr. Volker Sandig originally became a medical doctor in 1987, after graduating from the 2nd Medical Institute in Pirogov. He then obtained a PhD in Molecular Biology from the Humboldt University of Berlin, followed by post-doctoral research at the Max Planck Institute.

His independent career began as a group leader at Hepavec and as a senior scientist for Merck & Co.

Practice and Research Focus

Dr. Volker Sandig has spent over 20 years devoted to pharmaceutical cell line development programs. He has worked extensively in designing and testing new vaccines for both animals and humans. He has also helped develop systems to manufacture gutless adenovirus-based vaccines.

As the Chief Scientific Officer at ProBioGens, he has supervised trials on:

  • Virotherapy
  • Gene therapy based on avian cell lines
  • The co-development of the Freedom CHO-S Kit with LTC/Thermo-Fisher
  • Glycoengineering technologies (e.g. GlymaxX, DirectedLuck-transposase)

Professional Memberships and Relationships

Dr. Volker Sandig has repeatedly collaborated with other leading vaccine developments both in Europe and the United States. He is the winner of the Inaugural 2019 Innovation Award of the European Society of Animal Cell Culture Technology.