Dr. Yossef Dayan

Dr Yossef Dayan is an internal medicine specialist from Tel Aviv. He is the founder and owner of the Dayan Clinic. Here, he combines conventional and complementary medical approaches to treat a wide range of conditions.

Education and Background

Dr Dayan originally became a medical doctor in 1977, after he graduated cum laude from Tel Aviv’s Sackler Medical School. Then, he pursued a residency in internal medicine and eventually became senior internist in Tel Aviv Medical Centre.

In 1988, he travelled to Germany and Austria to pursue further training in complementary medicine, ozone therapy, and herbal therapy. With this new experience under his belt, he returned to Israel.

Research and Practice Focus

Following his return to the country, Dr Yossef Dayan became a noted specialist in Integrated Medicine. This approach combines the knowledge and evidence-based tactics of conventional standard medicine with much of the philosophy of complementary therapies.

This helped him become the head of the first Integrated Medicine department – “SHIRAM” at the Assaf Harofeh hospital. Then, he opened his own private clinic in Tel Aviv, where he actively uses his unique approach to medicine to treat acute and chronic illnesses alike.

Some of the services offered at the Dayan Clinic include:

  • Enemas
  • Intramuscular and intravenous injections
  • IV infusions of vitamins and minerals
  • Ozone therapy
  • Neural therapy
  • Phytotherapy