Professor Raphael Pfeffer

Professor Raphael Pfeffer is a clinical oncologist who specializes in stereotactic radiosurgery. He is one of Israel’s leading radiotherapy specialists.

In medical practice, he uses many last-generation treatment methods, including IMLT (intensely modulated radiation therapy), RapidArcⓇ therapy, stereotaxic radiation surgery, and extracranial stereotactic radiation therapy.

He has vast clinical experience treating oncological pathologies – especially breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, malignant and benign neoplasms of the brain, head, and neck, and malignant lesions of the respiratory system.

His success in treating complex pathologies and resistant malignancy is based on actively combining different cancer treatment methods, such as radiation therapy with chemotherapy and other therapeutic and surgical methods.

He is currently conducting scientific research into aspects of radiotherapy to draw up effective individualized protocols to battle malignant tumors.

Education and academic experience

  • Hebrew University Faculty of Medicine, Jerusalem. Residency at the Oncology Department of Hadassah Medical Center.

  • Bachelor of Science in Immunology at the University of London Medical College.

  • Intern at the Academic Clinic of Harvard University, Boston.

  • After the internship, he worked as a teacher for half a year, lecturing to students at the University of Michigan Clinical Hospital, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

  • From 1995 to 2010, he headed the Department of Oncology and Radiotherapy at the Chaim Sheba Clinic, Israel.

  • Currently – Director of the Institute of Oncology of the Assuta Medical Center, Tel Aviv, Israel. Senior Lecturer in the Department of Clinical Oncology at Tel Aviv Medical University. 

  • Raphael Pfeffer is the author of more than 80 scientific medical articles published by the most significant specialized publications in Israel, the USA, and other countries.

He is an active member of oncology and radiology associations in the USA and European countries. He is recognized by fellow specialists worldwide as one of the leaders in his field. He has earned a reputation for following the best practice standard with his patients, who appreciate his high professionalism and knowledge.