Stem Cell Treatment in Multiple Sclerosis

David is a patient from France with Multiple Sclerosis. After a long search to treat his disease, he turned to Biotherapy International in Tel Aviv. The medical director of the center is the professor of immunology, Shimon Slavin, who was the first in the world to use cell therapy technology to treat Multiple Sclerosis in the early 2000s at the Hadassah University Hospital, Jerusalem.

He was the first patient who underwent this kind of treatment and was completely cured! This first successful case can be seen on our Youtube channel.

David heard about Professor Slavin from a friend from France who had been receiving stem cell treatment from the professor many years ago and was subsequently cured.

In the first stage of treatment, David was held at the Biotherapy International satellite in Germany, and the final stage of treatment was held at the main clinic in Tel Aviv, Israel.