What Makes Us Special?

Biotherapy International is located in the heart of Tel Aviv, next to the Tel Aviv Medical Center. It offers consultation and treatment services for patients from all around the world. The treatment options we offer at Biotherapy International are based on a careful evaluation of the needs of every patient, starting with a detailed evaluation of past and present medical history. 

We Have the Best Specialists

The multidisciplinary team at Biotherapy International, headed by Prof. Shimon Slavin, is an integrated group of caring professionals who have dedicated their lives to treating patients with cancer and other serious conditions. 

Cancer Specialists

Specializing in immunotherapy and cell therapy, the team draws upon the latest scientific developments — both their own patented research and international advances — to develop progressive clinical trials and treatment protocols. Biotherapy International team is internationally renowned for their groundbreaking innovations and treatment methods. Their discoveries are published in hundreds of articles in prominent peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals.

Procedures and methods of treatment at Biotherapy International are based on Slavin’s 40 years of broad-based clinical and basic science experience. This includes innovative, out-of-the-box solutions to diseases deemed incurable by other experts. 

The expert clinicians associated with Biotherapy International provide each patient with an individualized treatment plan tailored to the disease, stage and patient’s specific parameters. Physicians, nursing staff, support staff, and international patient tourist service representatives are committed to patient recovery and comfort, caring for the patient as a whole, not just the disease itself on a fully personalized basis. The team prides itself on developing a trusting, supportive environment for the patient and his or her family. In fact, it is not uncommon for the staff to follow patients years after recovery.

Tumor Bank

One of the major recent developments at Biotherapy International – and currently available only at our facility – is the founding of our own tumor bank

Tumor Bank

We are now advising all our cancer patients to a portion of their original tumor tissue. This can be easily obtained during the diagnostic stage, or after a therapeutic surgical removal. 

Tumor tissue can be stored for many years at Biotherapy International’s special refrigerators. Having available tumor tissue will enable us to prepare therapeutic vaccines at any point, whenever indicated against residual or recurrent disease. These vaccines are created by turning non-immunogenic cancer antigens into immunogenic cancer antigens, using one of our available oncolytic viruses or Coley’s sterile bacterial toxin. 

Anti-cancer vaccines can activate a patient’s immune system to fight against the cancer tissue used as a vaccine and that could lead into activation and recruitment of the patient’s immune system to induce warfare against unmodified remote metastases.

Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Therapy

Another interesting treatment option that can be accomplished at Biotherapy International is multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs). This is based on over 15 years’ experience with cellular therapy.

Multipotent mesenchymal stromal cell therapy encompasses the use of such cells, as well as the future possible use of nano-particles produced by MSCs, to treat inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. MSCs are very potent inducers of anti-inflammatory effects with no known side effects. 

Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Therapy

MSCs are truly multi-potent, and therefore can also be used experimentally for regenerative medicine for safe treatment alternatives that are not yet recognized as “evidence-based medicine”. These include certain neurological conditions, autoimmune diseases, renal or liver diseases, and musculo-skeletal disorders. Pre-clinical animal experiments have also shown MSCs have potential as an “anti-aging” treatment. 

Most of these treatments are based on the MSCs’ capacity to turn off inflammation and inflammatory reactions – like fibrosis or scarring. This ability suggests that treatment with MSCs, their secretory exosomes, or their extracellular vesicles, could possibly be effective against liver cirrhosis, end-stage renal failure caused by obliteration of the filtering capacity of the glomeruli by fibrosis. 

The anti-inflammatory effects of MSCs or their products may also be applicable for treatment of diabetes, both the autoimmune type 1 (caused by an inflammatory reaction against the insulin-producing cells) and type 2 diabetes mellitus (more specifically, against the immune/inflammatory effects that cause insulin resistance).  This can also halt the process behind the complications caused by diabetes, such as atherosclerosis, or  multi-organ vascular disorders. 

The hope offered by Biotherapy International is that cellular therapy, using immune and multipotent stem cells alike, may provide new therapeutic tools for treatment of unmet clinical needs. This is based on basic science, pre-clinical animal experiments and preliminary clinical investigations that need to be confirmed with randomized clinical studies. 

Despite new developments, cancer continues to represent one of the leading causes of death and suffering worldwide. Because of this, we offer here is our final important message– our unique principles for treatment of cancer.

What Should Every Patient Diagnosed With Cancer Remember?

As soon as cancer is diagnosed, make sure to consider the  7 holy Ps.  If surgery is considered for diagnostic or therapeutic indication, insist on fresh cryopreservation of malignant tissue. Remember that we will be glad to store it for you for as long as needed. Vaccines prepared from a patient’s own cancer tissue could be used in the future for treatment of residual or recurrent disease. 

In conclusion, at Biotherapy International we apply unique comprehensive treatment programs based on synergistic procedures, which are fully personalized and focus on innovative comprehensive immunotherapy. Our treatment programs attempt to maximize anti-cancer therapy aiming for cure while maintaining as much as possible the patient’s quality of life.

Our Philosophy

Biotherapy International has 40 years of successful experience developing new individualized treatment programs. Under the leadership of Professor Shimon Slavin, our treatments were based on the clinical application of new procedures, and supported by basic science and cumulative pilot clinical experience. 

This allows patients in need to receive the most advanced cancer treatments available. Our team believes that cancer should be regarded as a curable disease if optimal treatment can be provided at optimal timing, preferably at the stage of minimal residual disease, following successful first line conventional treatment.

“7 holy P’s”

Treatment principles at Biotherapy International focus on unique  “7 holy P’s”. Under this philosophy,  cancer treatments should be:

Prompt, Personalized, Precise, Pluralistic, Predictive,  Preventive, Participative. 

1. Prompt

Treatment should start as soon as possible after the initial diagnosis or the confirmation of recurrent disease diagnosed. This is because the number of cancer cells and the risk of remote metastases increase with time.  

2. Personalized

Treatment should be tailored against a patient’s unique cancer cells, because no 2 cancers and not 2 patients are the same.

3. Precise

Cancer frequently mutates spontaneously, especially following prior treatment; therefore, treatment should be targeted against up-to-date disease status, in full consideration of detailed pathologic and molecular profiling.

4. Pluralistic

Treatment should never be based on one procedure. A combination of synergistic procedures against all recognized cancer targets will minimize escape of resistant cancer cells.

5. Predictive

The predicted outcome of a patient’s cancer helps designing optimal treatment policy.

6. Preventive

Whenever preventive treatment is available, clinical application should be considered to prevent a predicted unfavorable outcome.

7. Participative

Patient, family members and all treating physicians should be all well informed and coordinated about treatment strategy in order to maximize patient’s full compliance.

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