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Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) aims to define and establish basic rules for the collection, processing and use of information about Visitors to the Site (hereinafter referred to as “Visitor” or “Visitors”), providing access to the information received about Visitors to other persons, determination of the main sources of information about Visitors.

This Policy is a legally binding document for all Visitors to the Site. Each Visitor undertakes to read, read and accept this Policy before the start of using the Site (or at the time of starting to use the Site) in accordance with its main purpose.

The main principle of the Site’s functioning is to respect and protect the rights of Visitors. The Site Administration recognizes the importance of the confidentiality of the personal data of Visitors.

An integral part of the Policy is other legal documentation posted on the Site, including but not limited to the above.

  1.  Accept of policy
    1. Acceptance of this Policy is carried out by the actual use of the Site by the Visitor. At the same time, the Acceptance of the Policy is recognized as complete from the moment of the first actual use of the Site by the Visitor.
    2. Acceptance of the Policy means familiarization, understanding of all together and each separately the terms of the Policy, full, unconditional and unconditional consent of the Visitor to the provisions and requirements defined in this Policy. In case of disagreement with this Policy, the Visitor must refuse (refrain) from using the Site.
    3.  Acceptance of the Policy unconditionally indicates the intention, expression of will, desire and consent of the Visitor to comply with and comply with the terms of this Policy.
  2.  Terms used in the policy
    1. The terms used in this Policy are used in the meaning and content that is defined in section 2 of the User Agreement.
    2. In the absence of an unambiguous interpretation of the term in the text of the User Agreement and this Policy, one should be guided by the interpretation of the terms: first of all – defined on the Site: (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”), and secondly – in accordance with the norms of the current law.
  3.  Sources of information about visitors
    1. Information about Visitors is obtained by the Site Administration from the following main sources:
    2. Information communicated and / or indicated and / or posted by the Visitor on the Site or as part of the use of the Site, in particular:
      • data about Visitors specified when filling out the contact forms on the Site, in particular name, surname, gender, email address, phone number, diagnosis and other data about Visitors, determined at the discretion of the Site Administration;
      • data provided by Visitors at a reasoned request from the Site Administration. It is hereby established that the Site Administration has the right to request from the Visitors any information necessary for the Site Administration to fulfill its obligations to ensure access to the Site for Visitors, as well as to fulfill its other obligations to the Visitors. At the same time, the Visitors are responsible for the timely and accurate provision of relevant information to the Site Administration.
    3. Information obtained automatically from software services used by Visitors when visiting the Site, in particular:
      • data about the hardware stationary device used by the Visitor when visiting him, including the brand (model), operating system and its version, unique device identifier;
      • data about the mobile network, the model (brand) of the phone, about the location of the Site Visitor, if a mobile device is used to visit the Site;
      • data recorded in server logs, in particular information about the search queries of Visitors, cookies, IP-address, system failures, etc .;
      • data about the domain of the Visitor’s provider, the country of his location, transitions from one web page to another, addresses of third-party websites on the Internet, from which Visitors made transitions to the Site.
      • Any other information (data) concerning the Visitor received about him during the use of the Site, including in automatic mode.
    4. The Site Administration does not verify the accuracy of the information provided or received from Visitors, does not exercise control over their legal and legal capacity. It is presumed and the Site Administration assumes that the Visitor in all cases, without exception, provides complete and reliable information about himself, and maintains this information up to date.
    5. The visitor has the right to demand the exclusion (removal) of information about him from the database generated on the Site.
    6. To do this, the Visitor must send an appropriate notification to the e-mail address of the Site Administration [email protected], indicating the e-mail address of the Visitor, information about which is to be removed from the Site.
    7.  This does not apply to cases of subsequent use of the Site by the Visitor in relation to information that is obtained in automatic mode, and information without the provision of which the use of the Site is not possible in the future. In the latter cases, the Visitor is obliged to refuse to use and visit the Site.
  4.  Statements, obligations and permissions of site visitors
    1. The Visitor hereby confirms that the provision of information to them in the manner prescribed in this Policy is carried out solely at the sole discretion and will of the Visitor.
    2. The Visitor hereby consents to the processing of his personal data in accordance with the provisions of the current legislation. The use of personal data by the Site Administration is carried out in order to fulfill its obligations to the Visitors.
    3. The Visitor hereby gives his consent and permission to send any information, including advertising and service messages, to his e-mail address, mobile phone number and other means of communication.
    4.  The visitor has the right to refuse to receive various advertising, information and service mailings to his address. To do this, the Visitor must send an appropriate notification to the e-mail address of the Site Administration [email protected], indicating the e-mail address of the Visitor excluded from mailings.
    5.  If the Visitor acts as a representative of another person (relative, child, friend, etc.), it is presumed and the Visitor confirms that this Visitor has the appropriate permissions, consents and admissions to post information about these persons on the Site.
  5.  Transfer of information about site visitors
    1.  As a general rule, the Site Administration is not entitled to transfer information about Visitors to third parties, except for cases when such transfer is necessary for the Site Administration to fulfill its obligations to Visitors, as well as in the cases specified in clause 4.2. Politicians.
    2.  Cases of transferring information about Visitors that do not require their prior consent:
      • state bodies, including bodies of inquiry and investigation, bodies of the prosecutor’s office and local self-government bodies at their motivated request;
      • on the basis of a judicial act;
      • to third parties at their motivated request in case of violation or alleged violation of their rights and interests;
      • in other cases determined by the current legislation.
    3.  The Visitor hereby grants the Site Administration permission and gives his consent to the transfer of medical documentation about the Visitor (certificates, conclusions, test results, pictures, etc.) to the address of the relevant medical clinic or a specific doctor, including from the list proposed by the Site Administration, in particular on the Site. The visitor has the right to refuse to transfer information about him to the address of the relevant medical clinic or a specific doctor, notifying the Site Administration about it.
    4.  The Site Administration will strive to avoid actions by third parties aimed at receiving, changing, blocking, destroying, distributing, copying the personal data of Visitors.
  6.  Procedure for resolving disputes
    1.  The Site Administration and the Visitors have hereby established a pre-trial claim procedure for resolving differences and disputes arising from the application of this Policy. The deadline for responding to the submitted claim is 10 (ten) business days from the date of its receipt.
    2.  If no agreement is reached on controversial issues, the dispute arising from this Policy is subject to judicial review in accordance with the current legislation in an arbitration court / district court / magistrate in accordance with the jurisdiction of the dispute at the location of the Site Administration.
  7.  Policy action
    1.  This Policy comes into force from the moment it is posted on the Internet on the Site. The Policy applies exclusively and only to the Site The Policy does not apply to any other websites and does not apply to third-party websites that contain links / hyperlinks to the Site. Where applicable, the rules for the collection, accumulation and use of information about Visitors are determined directly by the owners of the respective websites.
    2.  This Policy is valid for an indefinite period of time and becomes invalid if canceled by the Site Administration.
    3.  In the event that changes are made to the Policy, such changes come into force from the moment the new version of the Policy is published on the Site, unless another date for the entry into force of the changes is additionally determined when they are published. The Site Administration has the right to unilaterally amend the text of the Policy.
    4.  The visitor undertakes to independently monitor changes in the provisions of this Policy and bears responsibility and negative consequences associated with non-compliance with this obligation.
    5.  If the Visitor disagrees with the relevant changes, the Visitor is obliged to stop using the Site. Otherwise, the continued use of the Site means that the Visitor agrees with the new version of the Policy.
    6.  The current version of the Policy is located on the Site at:
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