About the Clinic

The Center for Innovative Cancer Immunotherapy & Cellular Therapy

Biotherapy International is an international center for cancer immunotherapy and cellular therapy. We specialize in innovative treatments for patients who have limited or exhausted conventional treatment options.

Our center conducts scientific research and implements new methods into clinical practice. Therefore, our patients can receive the most advanced treatment regimens that are not yet used in conventional medicine.

Cancer Center

Under the leadership of Professor Shimon Slavin, a distinguished Israeli scientist and leading figure in cellular and immunotherapy, our clinic brings cutting-edge research to clinical practice. Professor Slavin personally guides our patients and creates tailored individual treatment protocols.

Сancer immunotherapy

Our clinic is dedicated to advancing anti-cancer immunotherapy, utilizing unique methods to treat cancers resistant to standard protocols, and targeting malignant tumors with known mutations.We strive to enhance quality of life for patients with cancer. Our philosophy pivots on the potential of innovative immunotherapy to achieve complete remission and prevent disease recurrence.

Regenerative Medicine

We harness the potential of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), a promising avenue for regenerative medicine therapy. MSC therapy has the potential to restore tissues, including those affected by neurodegenerative, autoimmune, and other diseases. By mitigating inflammatory processes underlying symptoms, MSC therapy aims to restore lost functions partially or entirely.

Treatment Accessibility

Accessibility is a priority to us. We offer online consultations with Professor Shimon Slavin and our team of experienced doctors. However, administration of treatment protocols may vary depending on your country of residence. Currently, our latest therapies are available through our partner clinics in Germany and Kazakhstan, due to regulatory restrictions in other regions.

Biotherapy GermanyBiotherapy Germany

Our Satellite clinic in Germany provides an opportunity for our patients from Europe to easily access the treatment protocols recommended by our Israeli headquarters. In addition, the German clinic can sometimes provide not-yet-approved experimental procedures based on a fully compassionate basis when no alternative conventional treatment is available.

Biotherapy KazakhstanBiotherapy Kazakhstan

Biotherapy International Clinic has an affiliate clinic in Kazakhstan, providing new and expanded opportunities to help patients. Treatment in Kazakhstan begins with an online consultation with Professor Slavin, who develops a personalized treatment protocol for the patient. In Kazakhstan, the treatment takes place in strict accordance with these protocols, under the medical personnel of the clinic, which stays in close contact with the professor.

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