About the Clinic

The Center for Innovative Cancer Immunotherapy & Cellular Therapy

The Biotherapy International Clinic is a state-of-the-art International Centre of Cancer Immunotherapy and Cell Therapy for non-malignant disorders, including regenerative medicine. 

Biotherapy International’s main clinic is located in the heart of Tel Aviv. Our clinic specialises in telemedicine, providing online consultations for patients in need from all over the world, and on individualised therapy for a wide range of cancers and other serious non-malignant diseases. Some of these treatments are available in-house at our clinic in Tel Aviv and some in collaborating centres abroad.

Cancer Center

The Goals and Mission

Our clinic’s mission is to provide our patients with the most efficient treatments available, ensuring that experimental procedures are based on solid science and pilot clinical studies. We also treat recurrent and refractory malignancies using synergistic combinations of immunotherapy and other modalities with documented anti-cancer activity. We are now operating our own tumor bank of cryopreserved, freshly-harvested cancer tissue, which will allow us to develop innovative anti-cancer vaccines in the future in case of residual or recurrent disease.

Biotherapy International is currently investigating several new clinical procedures across many new therapeutic areas. Because of this, we offer our patients innovative treatment programs that are not yet considered “evidence-based medicine” and that remain unavailable in other medical centres. This is why we attract patients from around the world seek for more effective, out-of-the-box treatments, for otherwise incurable diseases. 

In order to expand our treatment portfolio and to be able to offer experimental procedures that may be limited by the legislation of specific countries, we keep close partnerships with foreign Satellite Clinics and medical centers in Germany, Kazakhstan, Turkey and China. In those centres, we offer our patients several procedures and protocols that may not be available in our Tel Aviv clinic.

Biotherapy GermanyBiotherapy Germany

Our Satellite clinic in Germany provides an opportunity for our patients from Europe to easily access the treatment protocols recommended by our Israeli headquarters. In addition, the German clinic can sometimes provide not-yet-approved experimental procedures based on a fully compassionate basis when no alternative conventional treatment is available.

Biotherapy KazakhstanBiotherapy Kazakhstan

Biotherapy International Clinic has an affiliate clinic in Kazakhstan, providing new and expanded opportunities to help patients. Treatment in Kazakhstan begins with an online consultation with Professor Slavin, who develops a personalized treatment protocol for the patient. In Kazakhstan, the treatment takes place in strict accordance with these protocols, under the medical personnel of the clinic, which stays in close contact with the professor.


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