Allogeneic Targeted Activated Cancer Killer cells (ATACK)

Immunotherapy Treatment

The use of Allogeneic Targeted Activated Cancer Killer cells (ATACK method) is designed to induce an effective ATTACK against cancer cells. It is based on the use of intentionally mismatched killer cells, including both T cells, NK cells and NKT cells, targeted preferentially against cancer cells that may have failed to respond to conventional anti-cancer modalities.  

How Does ATACK Work?

The combination of intentionally mismatched killer cells eliminates cancer cells through a mechanism that resembles rejection. In order to target some cancer cells preferentially, monoclonal antibodies are used against the specific antigens that are overexpressed on the surface of these predetermined cancer cells. In this way, cancer cells are destroyed because they are being recognized as “non-self”, which induces the intensive elimination by a rejection-like mechanism.

The activation process is best done before the killer cells are infused into the body. However, following cell infusion, donor-derived killer cells can be continuously activated by IL-2 as long as they last, and such treatment also activates patient’s own T cells and NK cells.

Why Choose ATACK?

The advantage of using ATACK is based on the fact that mismatched killer cells are more effective in inducing “rejection” of cancer cells. Under normal circumstances, a patient’s own lymphocytes fail to induce an attack against cancer cells, and when stimulated, their induced anti-cancer effects are very limited. This is why conventional immunotherapy, which is based on activating a patient’s own immune system, is only partially effective but rarely curative. Any healthy donor is a suitable donor for ATACK, with no need to perform tissue typing.

Where Can A Patient Get ATACK Treatment?

The ATACK method relies on culturing a donor’s lymphocytes outside a patient’s body before the cells can be infused. Unfortunately, regulatory authorities in Israel restrict the use of cells cultured ex vivo. Therefore, patients requiring ATACK are referred to one of Biotherapy International’s satellite clinics abroad.

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