The first patient in the world who was cured of blood cancer (Leukemia), by cell immunotherapy. T-killers (lymphocytes)

A 12-year-old Joy was diagnosed with Acute myeloid leukemia, experts from the Philippines tried to treat her, but without success. Then Joy was brought to the Los Angeles Medical Center, California, USA.

The diagnosis was confirmed and the chemotherapy protocols were started immediately. After several chemotherapy cycles, Joy had a remission, but unfortunately, the disease did not recede for a long time. After only 2 months of remission, Joy began an aggressive relapse. Specialists in California could not resume chemotherapy courses, as cancer cells become resistant to chemo. Then the only possible salvation for Joy was bone marrow transplantation (allogeneic). Unfortunately, having searched all donor databases in the USA and in the world, they could not find a suitable donor for Joy.

The only person who was a little fit to be a donor was mom Joy. But despite the approximately similar parameters of using the mom as a donor, bone marrow transplantation was impractical due to the high risks to Joy’s life. Specialists from Los Angeles recommended Joy and her family to contact Professor Shimon Slavin from Tel Aviv, Israel.

In 1992, at the Hadassah Research Center in Jerusalem, Israel, Professor Shimon Slavin conducted the first treatment in the world with cell immunotherapy using initially mismatched T-lymphocytes (killers), which were generated in the laboratory from donor’s lymphocytes of Joy’s mother. The generated killer cells destroyed all the cancer cells in Joy. Ever since, Joy hasn’t known what drugs and examinations are.

28 years from the date of treatment, by the allogeneic cell immunotherapy. One single procedure – and Joy was completely cured!