Supporting devices

Biotherapy International uses the latest supporting devices


Oncothermia is a procedure used to treat malignant neoplasms by increasing temperature immediately around the tumor. This painless procedure stops the proliferation of malignant cells and lowers pain levels. Usually, oncothermia is used to complement traditional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or surgical removal. At Biotherapy International, oncothermia is used to increase the…


Low energy AST (Acoustic Shockwave therapy)

Acoustic shockwave therapy (AST) involves the exposure of the ischemic tissues to the acoustic wave radiation using a special device. It is a painless, non-invasive procedure during which the applicator is placed over the specific parts of the body for improving the blood circulation in the region and stimulating the growth of new capillaries. The…


Low-level Laser Light Therapy

Low-energy or Low-level Laser Light Therapy (LLLT) is a new type of medical intervention that uses low-power laser lights, at controlled wavelengths, to specific parts of the body. Body tissues can be treated either intravenously or through the skin. Both types of LLLT require a doctor to determine the wavelength, intensity, and duration of the…


Deep Transmagnetic Stimulation (dTMS)

Deep Transmagnetic Stimulation, also known as dTMS, is a novel non-invasive treatment that uses pulsed magnetic fields to stimulate the cerebral cortex. This is usually done using a BrainWays device directly
on a patient’s head. At Biotherapy International, we use custom modifications that harness the same type 
of magnetic stimulation to stimulate peripheral nerve endings. Deep…

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