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Kazakhstan Affiliate Clinic

Biotherapy International Clinic now has an affiliate clinic in Kazakhstan, providing new and expanded opportunities to help cancer patients. 

The clinic in Kazakhstan has about 100 beds in modern wards, equipped with everything you need. Depending on the patient’s condition, treatment may take place in an inpatient or outpatient clinic. Doctors at the clinic perform modern oncological operations and other methods of treatment, combining them with immunotherapy.

Казахстан Biotherapy International

Led by renowned oncologist Dr. Daniyar Jumataev, the medical specialists in our new affiliate clinic have been trained in Israel, and have been working closely with our main location since the year 2000. In order to improve the effectiveness of therapy, they combine both conventional and experimental methods in their practice.

Patients who want to receive any of these novel treatments in the Kazakhstan clinic will need to have an online consultation with Prof. Shimon Slavin (a specialist in Clinical Immunology, graduated from Stanford University) first, the leader of our main clinic in Israel. Prof. Slavin will design an individualized protocol for each patient, which will then be executed by the doctors in Kazakhstan.

Currently, many of the most innovative cancer therapy methods are not yet approved for use across the European Union and the USA. On the other hand, the regulatory authorities of Kazakhstan allow doctors to use immunotherapy and cell therapy for cancer treatments. Thanks to this, patients in Kazakhstan can now access cancer therapies that are only available in a handful of institutions around the world.

The Biotherapy International branch in Kazakhstan can provide treatments using oncolytic viruses, Coley’s toxin, and personalized anti-tumor vaccines, among others. All methods are based on basic scientific evidence and confirmed by successful clinical experience in the treatment of several thousand patients.

Oncolytic viruses

Oncolytic viruses work by selectively attaching themselves to cancer cells. Once inside, the viruses begin to multiply causing cell death. During this process, they release a large number of virions – viral particles that attach themselves to nearby cancer cells and the whole process repeats again. Oncolytic viruses also have the ability to mark cancer cells, making them visible to the immune system, which can now destroy them.

Coley’s Toxin

Coley’s Toxin is a mixture of toxins derived from killed bacteria. It is used to prepare unique vaccines that can act directly on the tumor, creating a powerful stimulating effect of nonspecific and specific (anti-cancer) immunity. To manufacture these vaccines, we use Coley’s toxin to treat the patient’s cryopreserved tumor cells, obtained in advance. In addition, Coley’s toxin can also be injected directly into a malignant lesion. In this case, the tissue itself becomes a kind of anticancer vaccine and stimulates the immune system to fight the malignant tumor.

Individual anti-cancer vaccines

Individual anti-cancer vaccines are made from a patient’s cancer cells. The technique is based on the fact that a serum derived from extracted cells can “train” the patient’s immune system to identify malignant cells, recognize the threat in them and destroy them.

Using a progressive approach to therapy gives cancer patients who turn to Biotherapy International the opportunity to receive advanced treatment today, significantly increasing their chances of healing.

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