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Kazakhstan Affiliate Clinic

In 2020, Biotherapy International began collaborating with Dr. Daniyar Dzhumataev, an esteemed oncologist practising in Almaty, Kazakhstan. This partnership significantly broadened our capacity to offer innovative cancer treatments to patients worldwide, particularly those without access in their home countries.

Patients at our partner clinic in Kazakhstan have the option of receiving treatment as an outpatient or, if necessary, in a hospital setting. The clinic boasts modern facilities with approximately 100 beds, and is equipped to provide comprehensive care.

Казахстан Biotherapy International

At our affiliated clinic in Kazakhstan, oncologists adhere meticulously to the protocols prescribed by Professor Shimon Slavin, the Medical and Scientific Director of Biotherapy International. Continuous monitoring and adjustment of treatment are facilitated through detailed reports to Professor Slavin, ensuring the highest standards of care.

Before receiving treatment at our Kazakhstan clinic, every patients receives a preliminary consultation with Professor Shimon Slavin, where an individualized treatment protocol, incorporating innovative immunotherapy methods, is formulated.

Innovative Cancer Immunotherapy in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan’s progressive legislation permits cutting-edge immunotherapy techniques not yet approved in many European countries and the USA.

Among the innovative methods offered at the Biotherapy International partner clinic in Kazakhstan are oncolytic viruses, the ATACK method, Coley’s toxins, and personalized anti-tumor vaccines. These approaches, grounded in rigorous scientific research and bolstered by clinical experience, represent the vanguard of cancer treatment.

Oncolytic viruses

Oncolytic viruses are viruses with specific receptors which they use to penetrate cancer cells and cause their death. These viruses also mark cancer cells for better recognition by the immune system. In the clinic, oncolytic viruses can be administered intravenously, intranasally, or directly into the tumor under CT control. 

Allogeneic Activated Killer Cells (ATACK)

The ATACK method involves the use of donor killer cells that selectively destroy tumor tissues. Intentionally mismatched cells (T lymphocytes, natural killers, and NKT cells) recognize and fight cancer cells in the patient. The immune system better recognizes mismatched cells and provides a stronger response.

Cancer Vaccines

In our partner clinic in Kazakhstan, personalized anti-tumor vaccines are used, which are tailored to the patient’s tumor cells and activate the patient’s anti-tumor immunity. It is thus recommended that all patients provide a sample of tumor tissue for cryopreservation in our Tumor Bank. 

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