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Stem Cells for Treating Vitiligo and 3 More Autoimmune Diseases

In 2015, John’s life took an unexpected turn when he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). His battle against this debilitating autoimmune condition led him to Biotherapy International, where he underwent a stem cell transplantation. Little did he know that this treatment would not only cure his MS but also put an end to his long-standing struggles with Psoriasis and Geographic Tongue.


Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis: 15 Years of Remission

In 2000, Brent began experiencing the first symptoms of a frightening diagnosis: “primary progressive multiple sclerosis.” His condition rapidly deteriorated, and he was close to becoming confined to a wheelchair. In 2008, Brent sought treatment at Biotherapy International clinic, where he underwent therapy with mesenchymal stromal stem cells.

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Multiple Sclerosis Stem Cell Treatment – Full remission

After just three and a half years after being diagnosed with  this disease, Amanda had almost completely lost her short-term memory. She also experienced poor orientation in space,  decreased concentration, and her mental abilities worsened. The conventional therapy that Amanda received did not help her. MRI results showed foci of demyelination in both hemispheres of the brain.


Stem Cell Treatment in Multiple Sclerosis

David, a patient from France with Multiple Sclerosis, after a long search to treat his disease, turned to the Israeli clinic BioTherapy International in Tel Aviv. The medical director of the center is the professor of immunology, Shimon Slavin, who was the first in the world to use cell therapy technology to treat Multiple Sclerosis in the early 2000s at the Hadassah University Hospital, Jerusalem.

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The first patient in the world was successfully cured with Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Multiple Sclerosis

In 2004, Louise was playing a Canadian Women’s Tour event in Nova Scotia, Canada when she felt some tingling in her left thumb and one finger. She felt her strength diminishing in her arm and wondered what was happening. Still, she was mostly fine until January 2007, when she started getting progressively weaker and having balance and endurance problems.

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Full remission in Multiple Sclerosis at 75 years old

Greta is a patient who underwent stem cell therapy twice for the treatment of multiple sclerosis. She was suffering from a primary progressive form of the disease, and doctors in Norway could not help. The first time, Greta received a course of therapy with her own stem cells at the Biotherapy International clinic. Afterward, she was in remission for 5 years.

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