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What You Need to Know Before Visiting the Clinic

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To receive information about treatment options, please leave a request through any contact form on the website or write to the email [email protected]. We advise you to prepare documents in advance, including medical reports, images (MRI, CT, PET scans), and blood tests.

Consultation with Professor Shimon Slavin

Before starting treatment, it is necessary to have a consultation with Professor Shimon Slavin. We recommend that family members of the patient and their treating physician also attend the consultation. Usually, the consultation takes place online via the Zoom platform.

Individual Treatment Protocol

The individual treatment protocol is a step-by-step guide with recommendations for both traditional and innovative treatment methods. Depending on the protocol, we may recommend one of our partner clinics if treatment is not available in your country.

Treatment Organization

We understand that coming for treatment from another country can be very challenging for the patient and their family. Therefore, we assist the patient with visa support and hotel or apartment bookings. We stay in touch throughout the treatment and afterward, monitoring the response to therapy and coordinating the treatment process.

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