Combinatorial Anti-cancer Therapy (COMBAT)

Immunotherapy Treatment

Cancer cells tend to develop mutations and resistance against available anti-cancer modalities, both spontaneously or as a response to chemotherapy, hormonal therapy or radiation therapy. Therefore, the optimal way to attack  cancer can be accomplished by the synergistic combination of different anti-cancer agents that complement each other. The more treatments combined, the better, as it minimizes the opportunity of cancer cells to escape through uncovered mechanisms of resistance.

What is Combinatorial Anti-cancer Therapy?

Combinatorial anti-cancer therapy, or COMBAT, is a form of individualized treatment that combines different treatment modalities adapted to the needs of each patient. These are based on available information and the cumulative experience of the treating physician.  

Why Should COMBAT be Used?

COMBAT often allows clinicians to exploit the combined therapeutic effects of synergistic off-label medications and immunotherapy, in addition to the clinical application of  disease-specific and patient-specific medications.


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