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Despite enormous medical advances and improvements in treatment, cancer is still a major cause of death worldwide. The number of new drugs on the market is growing every day, but they are only approved by national and international regulatory bodies after completing a successful clinical trial. Meanwhile, the treatment of resistant forms of cancer remains an unsolved problem in medicine. 

However, a better understanding of cancer biology has contributed to the discovery of promising new therapies based on the principle of “personalized medicine,” that is, the individual selection of a treatment protocol for each patient. It is important to note that many methods of personalized medicine in cancer treatment are still not approved for use in conventional medicine and can only be prescribed as part of experimental treatments.

After unexpectedly receiving the news of a cancer diagnosis, a patient’s first reaction is usually shock. After consulting with their attending oncologist, many patients seek a “second opinion” from other specialists. There are several reasons for this. In many cases, patients are dissatisfied with their primary care physician’s approach or hope that another specialist can suggest more promising treatments. Information from different doctors can be confusing for the patient. Typically, most cancer patients do not have enough scientific knowledge or access to primary sources to evaluate new therapeutic options on their own. Therefore, making the right decision in such a situation can be difficult.

In this case, we can offer the patient an individualized treatment, managed by an internationally renowned oncologist who is up to date on all available and effective therapies. Thanks to a wealth of experience, connections with leading specialists and information about the availability of treatments at various clinics around the world, the doctor can develop the most effective treatment strategy, based on both conventional and experimental medicine. The individual management of a patient does not mean just a single consultation, but rather continuous back and forth companionship throughout the entire treatment process.

Biotherapy International offers individualized patient care that includes

  • Consultations with the world-renowned Professor Slavin, who is actively involved in the development and implementation of new therapeutic strategies with a focus on immunotherapy modalities for patients considered incurable;
  • Updates about any new cancer therapies available, including the framework of experimental medicine;
  • Fully personalized treatment based on the patient’s clinical condition and individual characteristics;
  • Tracking of spontaneous cancer cell mutations in the patient, in particular those arising in response to chemotherapy and adjusting the treatment program;
  • Consultations with the world’s leading experts and renowned research institutes;
  • Arranging treatment at leading medical centers in Israel or abroad.

Typically, this individualized and comprehensive approach is not available to patients at cancer centers or public hospitals, because these organizations practice conventional treatment methods and standard protocols.

The cost of the service is determined at the initial consultation. Patient management can be set for a limited period (e.g., 3 months) or an unlimited one. Throughout this period, communication with the patient, his or her physician and relatives is maintained via email or Skype/ Zoom.

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