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Professor Renz visited the Biotherapy Clinic in Israel

7 August 2023 portnoy
On the photo: Prof. Wolfgang Renz, Arthur Portnoy, Prof. Shimon Slavin.

In July 2023, Prof. Wolfgang Renz visited the Biotherapy International clinic in Israel, as part of a business and friendly visit. Professor Renz has been a partner of Biotherapy International in Germany since 2015, where he heads the Center for Complementary Medicine. During his visit, details of joint cooperation and plans for further development of…


30 years later, IMAK Method featured in a major medical journal

25 June 2023 Admin

After more than three decades of work, Prof. Slavin and the Biotherapy International team have presented the results of one of their most innovative methods – the use of intentionally-mismatched donor lymphocytes activated prior to administration for anti-cancer immunotherapy. The full report appeared in April’s edition of the Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology,…


Leading physicians from Kazakhstan visited Israel

5 July 2022 Shimon Slavin
Specialists from Kazakhstan visited Biotherapy International in Tel-Aviv

In June 2022 and following an invitation by Prof. Shimon Slavin, the Biotherapy International Clinic in Tel Aviv recently welcomed specialists from Kazakhstan: oncologist Daniyar Dzhumatayev, surgeon Askhat Ibambetov, and radiologist Ruslan Panov. The doctors that made up the delegation all practice in medical centers in Almaty, and have been cooperating with the clinic for…


Prof. Slavin and HepC Therapeutics are researching new viral-based treatments for COVID-19

10 October 2020 Shimon Slavin

Prof. Slavin is now serving as the medical director of HepC Therapeutics, Budapest, Hungary in partnership with ProBioGen, Berlin, Germany is now involved in clinical application of another poultry virus for treatment of COVID-19. This new virus, an attenuated infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV) for post-exposure treatment of patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 can be applied…


New medicinal product that harnesses the therapeutic potential of MSC-derived exosomes

27 March 2020 Shimon Slavin
stem cells exosomes research

After gaining clinical experience using bone marrow, placenta and cord tissue-derived mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs), as well as the cumulative experience of more than 500 patients for over 10 years, we decided to investigate the potential therapeutic effects of MSCs’ excretory exosomes. These contain many of the therapeutic components that exist in MSCs, especially microRNAs,…


Prof. Slavin and his team have recently discovered a new oncolytic virus derived from chicken’s Newcastle disease virus (NDV)

5 January 2020 Shimon Slavin
Cancer Biotherapy

Prof. Slavin and his team have recently discovered a new oncolytic virus derived from chicken’s Newcastle disease virus (NDV). NDV is dangerous for chickens but harmless in man. Different members of the large NDV family are already in clinical use for many years and the potential efficacy of NDV to control otherwise incurable brain cancer,…

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