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Leading physicians from Kazakhstan visited Israel

July 5, 2022
Specialists from Kazakhstan visited Biotherapy International in Tel-Aviv

In June 2022 and following an invitation by Prof. Shimon Slavin, the Biotherapy International Clinic in Tel Aviv recently welcomed specialists from Kazakhstan: oncologist Daniyar Dzhumatayev, surgeon Askhat Ibambetov, and radiologist Ruslan Panov.

The doctors that made up the delegation all practice in medical centers in Almaty, and have been cooperating with the clinic for more than two years. During this time, they have applied the protocols created by Israeli specialists to carry out cancer treatment using innovative immunotherapy techniques in their native Kazakhstan.

The meeting’s program included a visit to advanced medical centers in Israel, including the renowned Sheba Medical Center. During the trip, members of the delegation learned about Israeli healthcare standards and deepened their knowledge of immunotherapy, including its applications at various stages of treatment.

After their visit to Israel, the visiting members continued their trip to Germany. There, they visited the German branch of the Biotherapy International clinic, where patients are treated using stem cell therapy. They met with the clinic’s director, Prof. Renz, and discussed the methods used.

Thanks to this visit, the doctors set the foundation for an agreement to further develop joint clinical activities. This will introduce the latest advanced in oncology for patients in Kazakhstan and around the world.

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