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Germany Branch

The German branch of the Biotherapy International clinic is located in Rheinfelden, close to the border with Switzerland. Here, oncological diseases are treated with the latest methods of immunotherapy, as well as regenerative medicine treatments such as stem cell therapy. At the German branch, we also offer other experimental techniques that are not yet approved by evidence-based medicine, but can be offered as “compassionate therapy”.

Biotherapy International Germany branch

The clinic in Germany is headed by Professor Wolfgang Renz, a recognized specialist in the field of experimental medicine and clinical research. Over the past 20 years, the doctor has been involved in the scientific development of new methods for the treatment of complex diseases.

All protocols performed in the German branch are developed by Professor Shimon Slavin, Medical and Scientific Director of Biotherapy International. He is a world-renowned expert in the field of immunotherapy and the author of exclusive cancer therapy methods that prolong the lives of patients around the world.

Before starting treatment in Germany, each patient receives an online consultation by Professor Slavin, during which the doctor develops an individual therapy program. The finished treatment plan is carried out in the German branch under the supervision of Professor Renz.

Treatment options

The German branch of Biotherapy International offers the full range of the latest immunotherapy methods – treatments that are aimed at activating the immune system to fight cancer. The clinic’s specialists, led by Wolfgang Renz, carry out the following therapy options:

  • Personal cancer vaccines, which activate the patient’s own immune system to destroy cancer cells;
  • Oncolytic viruses – viruses that are safe for humans, and can bind to tumor receptors, start the destruction of malignant cells, and also make them recognizable to the immune system;
  • Donor-activated killer cells – intentionally mismatched cells that directly destroy a malignant neoplasm that is not sensitive enough to other treatment options.
  • Monoclonal antibodies – molecules that attach to tumor cells and activate anti-cancer immunity;
  • Checkpoint inhibitors – molecules that eliminate suppressive effects on the patient’s immune system and allow it to recognize and destroy malignant tissues;
  • Angiogenesis inhibitors – substances that prevent the formation of new blood vessels inside the tumor, thereby stopping its continuous growth;
  • Combination Anticancer Therapy (COMBAT) – a combination of several types of therapy to increase the chances of a complete cure or prolong life in patients with cancer.

At the Biotherapy International branch in Germany, patients are treated with novel methods that give chances for recovery, even in cases where traditional therapy was ineffective or insufficient. Within German territory, a large list of immunotherapy courses is allowed for practical use, so patients have the opportunity to undergo therapy that can potentially cure them or significantly prolong life while maintaining its quality.

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