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Professor Renz visited the Biotherapy Clinic in Israel

August 7, 2023
On the photo: Prof. Wolfgang Renz, Arthur Portnoy, Prof. Shimon Slavin.

In July 2023, Prof. Wolfgang Renz visited the Biotherapy International clinic in Israel, as part of a business and friendly visit. Professor Renz has been a partner of Biotherapy International in Germany since 2015, where he heads the Center for Complementary Medicine. During his visit, details of joint cooperation and plans for further development of relations were discussed.

Unlike Israel, the US, and many European countries, many innovative and alternative therapies are authorized for use in Germany on a compassionate basis. By allowing the use of innovative therapies, patients for whom conventional medicine has proved powerless are given a chance to recover. Among them are methods developed by Prof. Slavin, medical and scientific director of Biotherapy International, a world-renowned expert in immunotherapy and cell therapy.

The German branch of the Biotherapy International clinic is located in Rheinfelden, near the Swiss border. In addition to cancer immunotherapy, the clinic offers regenerative medicine (Mesenchymal Stem Cell therapy).


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