Interview with prof. Slavin: pioneer in cancer treatment

In a large exclusive interview, Professor Shimon Slavin talks about his current research activities, various clinical trials in finding a solution to the cancer problem in general, as well as research in the treatment of autoimmune diseases.

The long-awaited answers to many questions that interest many people from many countries around the world regarding the activities of Professor Slavin, various conflicts with the Ministry of Health, reasons and answers, conflicts of interest, pharmacological companies, regulatory restrictions. The decision of the Israeli High Court in favor of Professor Slavin.

Why cancer hasn’t been cured yet? An individual approach and an individual cancer treatment protocol, why it is so necessary! Innovative treatments for the various classifications of cancer that Professor Slavin developed and uses today for initially incurable forms of cancer. Why is cell therapy not beneficial to pharmaceutical companies? Why is the cost of immunotherapy still so expensive? Why in most cases cancer recurs? All these questions are answered by the scientist, professor of medicine, specialist in hemato-oncology, immunology, immuno-oncology, Israeli professor Shimon Slavin.