Complete cure of brain cancer using immunotherapy

The story of Neta, a patient with brain cancer, 11 years from the moment of diagnosis, with the result of complete remission for many years.

Brain cancer is a tumor that is considered extremely resistant to traditional cancer treatments, especially when it comes to clinical grades lll and lV. Tumors such as Astrocytomas (Grade lll) and Glioblastoma (Grade lV) are generally considered incurable, and have a very short median of survival. 

Fortunately, now we know of cases of prolonged remission, as well as several cases of complete cure that were achieved with the help of immunotherapy.

In this video, Neta from Tel Aviv (Israel), accompanied by her treating doctor, Professor Shimon Slavin, tells her medical history from the moment she was diagnosed until the onset of remission. Neta’s diagnosis was a malignant tumor of the brain (Anaplastic Astrocytoma), which was detected in 2010. Today, 11 years after her diagnosis, Neta is completely without any signs of the disease.

The patient went through all the traditional lines of treatment: surgical treatment, multiple chemotherapy courses, and radiotherapy. Despite everything, Neta resumed tumor growth in 2015. Neurosurgeons gave her a maximum of 2-3 weeks to decide on the operation, despite the fact that she was offered an extensive surgery  that carried a high risk of severe disability, which she had to refuse. Neta decided to try a completely different approach, so she turned to the immuno-oncologist Professor Shimon Slavin.

Neta underwent various procedures, consisting of a complex of multimodal cancer immunotherapy, in combination with the oncolytic virus and additionally innovative methods, without using the usual chemotherapy courses.