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3 September 2022

Does “remission” mean cancer is completely cured?

Remission cancer patient

Humans like simple answers and stories with happy endings. Unfortunately, reality is not always what we want it to be. Oncology is a prime example of this. Having received an initial diagnosis, patients expect certainty: choosing the most effective method of treatment with precise terms of therapy and a guarantee of a final cure. However,…

3 September 2022

Which is More Effective: Chemotherapy or Immunotherapy?

cancer immunotherapy

A person with cancer has one wish that trumps all others: to beat cancer and live a long and fulfilling life. Conventional cancer therapies such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy have proven successful in treating many types of cancer. Unfortunately, they do not always lead to a complete cure for patients, even if remission has…

8 February 2022

Natural Killer Cells: A New Anti-Cancer Tool

Natural Killer Cells

For the first time in several decades, immunotherapy has opened the gates for an entirely new family of anti-cancer treatments. Radically different from traditional chemotherapy or radiotherapy, anti-cancer immunotherapy encompasses different types of precision medicine and puts the patient’s immune system at work directly against cancer. These treatments can be designed through a handful of…

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