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31 October 2022

When is Cancer Immunotherapy Most Effective?

When is Cancer Immunotherapy Most Effective

“Cancer” is not a single disease but rather a category of diseases. Therefore, we usually see a great degree of variance when comparing the efficacy of different treatments. In most general hospitals around the world, the first line of cancer treatment is usually a cancer-removal surgery (when possible), followed by chemotherapy. However, this “one size…

25 October 2022

Who is the Best Candidate For Cancer Immunotherapy?

Who is the best Candidate For Cancer Immunotherapy

As one of the leading causes of non-violent death worldwide, “cancer” often appears to be a single, all-encompassing disease. In reality, cancer refers to thousands of different mutations that can affect almost any organ in the body. Each one of these diseases will respond to treatment differently. When presented with too many options, it’s easy…

3 September 2022

How Much does Cancer Immunotherapy Cost?

Cancer immunotherapy cost

When it comes to saving the lives of cancer patients, discussing economics feels out of place. However, any medical procedure costs money, and cancer treatment is no exception. It is also important to note that unlike conventional treatments, the cost of experimental cancer therapies is not usually covered by national health systems or private insurance…

3 September 2022

Does “remission” mean cancer is completely cured?

Remission cancer patient

Humans like simple answers and stories with happy endings. Unfortunately, reality is not always what we want it to be. Oncology is a prime example of this. Having received an initial diagnosis, patients expect certainty: choosing the most effective method of treatment with precise terms of therapy and a guarantee of a final cure. However,…

3 September 2022

Which is More Effective: Chemotherapy or Immunotherapy?

cancer immunotherapy

A person with cancer has one wish that trumps all others: to beat cancer and live a long and fulfilling life. Conventional cancer therapies such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy have proven successful in treating many types of cancer. Unfortunately, they do not always lead to a complete cure for patients, even if remission has…

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