Dr. Dengwei Yu

Dr Dengwei Yu is the President of Cetocent, one of China’s leading centres devoted to researching the potential of stem cell therapy. Thanks to his careful management, Cetocen now has branches in Shenzhen, Hefei, Huzhou and Shandong.

Practice Focus

Cetocent was founded in 2006 as a specialist centre for the research of novel therapies. Under Dr Dengwei Yu’s leadership, the researchers at Cetocen combine modern Western medicine, traditional Chinese approaches, and other methods for a complete clinical transformation.

This hospital runs its own stem cell database, which has accumulated case data for over 23,000 patients of rare or degenerative diseases. 

The hospital has a large Research and Development Division, as well as prestigious teams devoted to production, clinical trials and application. Its network includes over 38 tertiary hospitals in the region, and its leadership role has been unanimously recognized by customers and key opinion leaders alike.