Dr. Peter Chen

Dr. Peter Chen is the founder and current CEO of Oasis International Hospital. He is also a specialist gastroenterologist and a devoted defender of family-based medicine.

Education and Background

Dr. Chen graduated from Medical School in 1983 from the Peking University Health Science Center. He pursued his first speciality in the same university. This was followed by an MBA in Hospital Administration from the China Europe International Business School.

Meanwhile, he acquired most of his hands-on clinical experience as a gastroenterologist at the Beijing Third Hospital. There, he served for over seven years before escalating to a managerial role.

Practice Focus

Dr. Chen has acquired extensive experience maximizing the efficiency and safety standards of healthcare facilities around China. He has been at the forefront of the recent boom in private hospitals around China. 

After rising to General Manager at the Beijing United Family Hospital, he also worked as the Chief Economic Officer at Tiantan Hospital, as the General Manager of the Yingzhi Eye Hospital, and as the Director of China Region Danish Baolong International.