Prof. Dianrong Gong

Prof. Dianrong Gong is a specialist dedicated to the research and treatment of cerebrovascular diseases. His work using Mesenchymal Stem Cells has had a deep impact across a number of disciplines, in particular, neurology. He is currently the Deputy Direction of the Liaocheck Cerebrovascular Disease Institute.

Education and Background

Professor Gong was educated in China, where he attended medical school and trained as a neurologist. As a lecturer, he is particularly renowned for his teachings on cistern occipitalis lateral puncture, which has earned him invitations to conferences and symposia around the world.

Research and Practice Focus

Professor Gong’s main area of focus is the research and treatment of cerebrovascular diseases, epilepsy, headaches, central nervous system infections, and neurological diseases. He also has extensive experience in the diagnosis of critical and degenerative neurological conditions, such as Parkinson’s or Azheimer’s disease.

From 2010 onwards, he began researching the potential of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) in depth. Thanks to his research, MSCs are now being used to:

  • Treat multiple systems atrophy
  • Treat motor neuron disease
  • Reverse the sequelae of cerebrovascular strokes 
  • Treat delayed encephalopathy
  • Achieve remission from refractory seizures

Many of the journal articles that have stemmed from his experiments are now regarded as medical breakthroughs.

Professional Memberships and Relationships

Professor Dianrong Gong is a member of the Stem Cell Engineering Professional Committee and one of the most decorated authors in the Chinese Medical Association. He is also a member of the editorial board of the “Chinese Journal of Cell and Stem Cell”, a Clinical Translation Professional Committee of Shandong Medical Biotechnology Association, and the director of the Shandong Anti-epilepsy association.