Dr. Tibor Bakacs

Tibor Bakacs is a doctor, scientist and immunology researcher from Hungary. He is the Chief Scientific Officer at HepC. His extensive academic career includes over 40 years of clinical experience, as well as dozens of scientific papers.

Education and background

Dr Bakacs graduated from Medical school in 1977 from the Post Graduate Medical University in Budapest. Following graduation, he specialised in oncology and tumor immunology. He also completed rotations and fellowships in the United States, and was a visiting professor at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland.

In addition, he is also very interested in mathematics and epidemiology and therefore serves as a consultant for the Department of Probability at the Alfred Renyi Institute of Mathematics.

Research and Practice Focus

Most of Dr Bakacs’s recent work has been focused on cancer therapies and the potential or virology as an anti-cancer treatment (oncolytic viruses). He proposed a new method that uses manipulated T cells to attack melanoma cells.

He has also conducted extensive research on super-infection theory, a new niche that seeks to use the viruses for hepatitis B and C to treat other viral diseases, such as COVID-19. Other highlights of his experiments in this field include the first successful treatment of a patient with Newcastle Disease Virus, and the use of avian viruses to treat decompensated chronic hepatitis.

Professional Memberships and Relationships

Dr Bakacs is one of Europe’s leading researchers in immunology, He is also a member of the European Society for Translational Therapies, and a frequent contributor at many specialised scientific journals such as JAMA and The Lancet.