Prof. Shmuel Levit

Prof. Shmuel Levit is the Head of the Endocrinology Department at Assuta Medical Centre. He is the author of breakthrough concepts related to the pathogenesis of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Thanks to this revolutionary approach, he recently patented a new method that can induce remission among patients with Type 1 diabetes.

Education and Background

Prof. Levit originally completed medical school in 1986 at the University of Chelyabinsk, where he also pursued a fellowship in Internal Medicine. He obtained his PhD in Leningrad before relocating to Israel. There, he confirmed his medical license and passed his specialization exams for Endocrinology. Both exams were passed with Honors.

Afterwards, he founded a number of Regional Diabetes Services around Israel. 

As an endocrinology specialist, Prof. Levit keeps a particular focus on researching long-term and definitive treatments for type 1 diabetes, thyroid disorders, as well as diseases of the bones and the reproductive glands.

Prof. Levit is one of the main designers of the “gravicentric approach” to Type 2 Diabetes Management, which focuses on restoring glucose tolerance and to reduce the need for long-term pharmacotherapy, rather than on symptom management.

Research and Practice Focus

Some of his latest breakthroughs have included:

  • Combination treatments for the remission of Type 1 diabetes
  • Development and improvement of new types of insulin pumps
  • Development of user-friendly glucose sensors
  • The use of Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) to monitor the success of diabetes interventions
  • Design of new pharmacological protocols for the treatment of autoimmune thyroiditis

Professional Memberships and Relationships

Prof. Levit is a member of the Israel Diabetes Association, the Israel Endocrine Society, and the European Society for Endocrinology. As the Head of Endocrinology at Assuta Medical Centre, he also represents the organization in international professional conferences. He is also a visiting lecturer at Tel Aviv University and the Insulin Pump Schools in Moscow.